GOT7 "If You Do(니가 하면)" M/V

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    GOT7(갓세븐) "If You Do(니가 하면)" M/V

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    1. KPTing

      Don’t care how many years passed, Bam’s “every day ,every night,feel like a fool” still iconic 💚

    2. phantom walker nctzen

      Jinyoung - tears all her paintings

    3. MAR XIU


    4. yohan

      This was literally the song that got me into kpop, It never gets old


      JB. Two years ago in January, I officially became an Aghase. I will admit that I was first intrigued by just merely your smile and the softness of your eyes. Every time you’d beam I couldn’t help but smile along with you and enjoy the company of you and your members. After awhile, I started to enjoy your music. I began to become enchanted by your voice, and there was a feature of it that for the longest time, I couldn’t understand. Before I knew it, I was acquainted to it and even looked to it for security and safety. I’ve never heard a voice so full, rich and soulful as yours before. There is a feeling of euphoria that I get when you sing. This, I know for sure is when I really fell in love with you. Watching you feel every word that you sing has been a once-in-a-lifetime experience. When you close your eyes and really connect to the song, it seems as if you’re going to a completely different reality with just you and the song. I always feel as if I am going to that place with you. It’s hard to describe, but the feeling of losing yourself to music is a gift, and I truly believe you have that ability. On top of this, you are an indescribably talented dancer. You have such control and power behind your movements, and you’re also precise and carry out each movement fashionably. You have this ability to make it evident that you’ve worked so hard for your performances and yet you look so natural, comfortable, and in your element when you’re up their dancing. You have this unique style and prestige when you dance and it makes you look so charming and professional. At the same time, you have fun and let loose with your movement while also putting on an unforgettable show. In all, you are easily one of the most impactful performers to me and in this time. I want to note on how much fun your members always seem to have fun when they’re around you. Before I even knew anything about you, I first picked up on how much laughter and smiles were shared amongst the seven of you. When the members were anxious or nervous about starting something, you always said something that made them laugh and completely forget about any worries they had. I have seen that this is a quality that you have always had and carried with you. Without even trying, you are always so funny and can cheer your members up without saying anything. This really shows how much you value and appreciate your members. The members have only made it out of their most difficult moments because they’ve had you to provide motivation for them once more. You do so by always making sure that they’re having a great time. Just as you have a laugh with your members, you also let them tease you which shows how lighthearted and humorous that you are. Being a source of light for your members has been enough, but you’re also extremely humble, kind, professional, and well-mannered. You are so quick to see the fun in every situation, but when it comes down to it, you know how to be serious and productive. I know that is for these reasons alone that GOT7 has developed over these years. You also speak so highly and intelligently on their behalf. You are so naturally respectful and grateful for all of the opportunities that you get. I can tell by the way that you carry yourself that you don’t take anything for granted. Additionally, you represent the love and livelihood of Aghase around the world. You’ve been working hard for us for over seven years, and every second has been spent taking action to satisfy us. Working this hard for only a small amount of time is unbelievable, but the fact that you’ve been doing this for years and bringing together so many people under music, performance, and pure love leaves me speechless. It takes somebody with a warm and selfless heart like you tp devote so much of your life to other people. Because of you, the GOT7 family is comprised of some of the most loving, non-judgmental, and peaceful people ever. Only you have the ability to bring so many different people from all different parts of the world together under one love. I could never thank you enough for what you are to so many people. You are a reason to love, to live, and to follow your dreams. JB, I personally have related to you on so many levels over the past year or so. I never fell so deeply in love with someone and the way that they approach the world before. I love the artistic and realist view that you have on the world and I have found that I see the world similarly. Just the fact that you opened your own exhibit makes me feel as if I hold a piece of you in my heart and I always will because I too, love photography. Seeing you share your interpretation of life and varying emotions has brought me even closer to you and caused me to become more mesmerized with the way that you think. I want to say that you are the epitome of what it means to be a leader. I hope that you never doubt your position because you it was fate that you became the great and fearless leader of the very beloved GOT7. You have only led your members to great heights and only continue to improve. You have held this group together through your worst and best times, and this is not a task commonly done with ease. Especially being in the spotlight, you have immense strength, patience, and resilience for creating, raising, and carrying GOT7 to victory in all of your endeavors. You have overcome so much individually and as a group in your life, and yet here you all are, just as energetic, productive, and successful as ever. I am so proud of you for all that you’ve accomplished and for never giving up even if you might want to. I know it couldn’t have always been easy on you, but you never lost sight of what's important to you, and you encourage us to do the same in our hard times. I want to personally thank your parents and family for raising with such loving and generous values. Just as they keep you in their heart, Agashes keep them in ours and are forever grateful for leading you to your path to success. I hope that this birthday smothers you in all of the blessings and love that you deserve. I hope it satisfies you and warms your heart with all of the eternal love that Agahses and your members have for you. Please surround yourself with those who love you most in this world and have more fun than you think you can! Ultimately, you can track your progress as a group not through your rewards and achievements, but by the happiness and enjoyment that you’ve derived from it. With this in mind, Got7 could not be more hardworking and globally influential and you have undoubtedly taken a huge part in that. Thank you so much for every single second that you’ve sacrificed to Aghase. Thank you for the fatigue, lack of sleep, and even loss of purpose that you have endured for us. You’ve done more for all of us, members included, that we could have ever imagined asked for, desired, or even deserved. As I mentioned earlier, I cannot ever thank you enough for all that you’ve done, sacrificed, and continue to share, but I hope our undying and unconditional love and support is a start. Thank you for always being so open and honest with us, and for bringing us timeless music, revolutionary performances, and sincere love and care. I pray that you and your family members stay safe, and find happiness in all that you do in the future. You are so special to me and I don’t know where I’d be without you right now. You are the voice of an entire generation! Don’t ever overwork yourself or think you have to present yourself in a different way, because we love and accept you just as you are. We always will, and just being here for us every day is more than we need. You have such a pure and wholesome soul, and you inspire people everywhere to spread your love. We will always do this to honor you. You will forever be legendary and were born to be an artist and musician. I can’t wait to see you grow and develop as you pursue a new chapter in your life. Thank you so much for every second JB we got to spend with you. Happy birthday, and we adore you!

    6. ソ ク ジ ン

      내 전 관계를 설명하는 완벽한 노래

    7. Maria B.

      Bambam's "Every day, every night feel like a fool" never gets old.

    8. Jeongyeon Yoo

      Again. This is a TOP TIER Acting skills for an MV. Look what they have done for us and don't stop loving them.

    9. Bárbara Pazmiño

      It's up to you if you wanna break up

    10. Chicken nuggets

      I’m crying I miss them so much. They’re the reason why I got into kpop

    11. Fan De Got7


    12. Ada Gladys

      My obsession for this song have just started in 2022!!! I'm late but I'm more than happy!!!!

    13. Irish Reyes

      I was in grade 9 when this song was released. Now I am in second year of college and I am still coming back to this song. My fav jam.

    14. 𝑴

      I’m listening to this after a long time and now I’m crying 😜🧍🏻‍♀️-

    15. Cyme

      Another top GOT7 song. Can't stop coming back to watch it.

    16. salome vazquez

      es muy adictiva, nunca es suficiente el numero de veces para escucharla

    17. 🐥SUNNY맑은🐥

      I'm not a fan of Got7 but I'm listening to this masterpiece a year ago and until now😩🤘🏻

    18. Dai

      Minha fav ♡

    19. BELAMOUR

      “Everyday every night feel like a fool you gotta know” FOREVER ICONIC


      Mark. I only recently became an Aghase and my biggest regret is not becoming a fan of GOT7 sooner. However, in the months that I have gotten to know the group, I have already learned more about you than I expected to figure out. I’ve heard so much from the other Aghases about how kind and selfless of a person you are, and I’ve luckily been able to see your personality come to life right before me during this time that I’ve taken to get to know you better. I have watched you bring together your members and establish a connection among them when GOT7 was just debuting. Even when everyone was still getting used to one another, you made the environment feel as if you’d known each other for years, making everyone more comfortable with one another. I have watched you be absolutely sweet to your fans and supporters, and go above and beyond just to show them even the smallest token of appreciation. I watched you work so hard and grow from these long years that you have been an idol. You are such a talented musician with a voice of depth and emotion; and with dancing skills that are natural and express who you are. You are incomparable to others on stage and have a lasting presence on your audience no matter if you rap, sing, or dance. Although you have evolved as a musician, your personality and generosity have remained the same. Like I said before, although I have only been an Aghase for about a year, all it has taken is your music and the fans for me to already quickly understand the your legacy and the courtesy that you have demonstrated for your entire career. I have come to know that you have gone through so much; both individually and with your members, and yet, you still remain such a ray of hope for so many people. I never realized how many people looked up to you until I started to become more enhanced by your admirable charms. The word inspiration doesn’t even come to close to what you are for so many people in this world. You have created a reason for people to change, better themselves, and most importantly, never give up on hope in a time when they need it most. You are so humble, and there is nothing more honorable than the way that you present yourself. Even though I wish I could have become an Aghase sooner, I hope that you know my love for you is just as strong as those who have been there since GOT7’s debut. I hope that you can understand how needed and motivational you are for millions. Mark, we are so proud of you, and we appreciate you more than you could ever know. I pray that you never give up the natural kindness that is instilled in you and guides your decisions. Aghase will never leave you. We will always support you. You are an absolute icon and a sweetheart, and I know you will continue to spread nothing but positivity through the world. I completely and utterly adore you, as do your members, friends, family, and Aghase. On behalf of all of them, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stay safe, have fun because you deserve it, and Happy Birthday!!! I pray that you and your loved ones stay safe, and find happiness and worth in the future. WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING THAT YOU HAVE DONE!! WE CAN’T WAIT TO LOVE YOU EVEN MORE IN THE FUTURE!!!!