Stray Kids "Christmas EveL" M/V Teaser 1

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    Stray Kids(스트레이 키즈) "Christmas EveL" M/V Teaser 1

    Stray Kids Holiday Special Single "Christmas EveL"
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    1. pimwa

      Can’t wait !!!!

    2. Lee

      This is gonna be the best christmas ever because it's the first time we're gonna have a christmas song

    3. sta Stay

      Talented BANGCHAN 👑

    4. Emman Panganoron

      I guess this will be my first comeback after staning and getting whipped with their thunderous mv🖤

    5. Chan's Laptop Fan

      Por dios STRAY KIDS. Tantas cosas que siempre se les ocurren.. es muy impresionante!. 3RACHA tú nunca pero NUNCA decepcionas!!

    6. Thảo Bùi

      Felix's “ITS CHRISTMAS EVE” scared the shit out of me

    7. Shun Lae Kyaw

      I dun know why but this won't be a normal song. This will be a total masterpiece. I CAN'T WAIT. I LUV U SKZ.

    8. valenwthskz

      Estos chicos son increíbles, siempre llegan con algo nuevo, viven reinventándose y no se encasillan en un solo género o concepto. Ellos no le temen a nada y marcan su diferencia cómo siempre, Stray Kids es el grupo más genuino que conozco, en todo, sobre todo en su música y conceptos. So... fuck the haters, Keep on talking we don't play by the rules. ♕

    9. val i

      This is exactly what I like! Christmas song in skz style 🔥🔥🔥 I'm sorry but I'm not into this slow Christmas mood that almost all kpop songs have and that groups release around this time of the year. Just listen how hard the beat goes😩✨satisfying✨Thank u skz,thank u for not being like the others! This is ,,skz" style not ,,I sound like everyone else" style

    10. hello from the other side

      Why the hell don't they just give us a Netflix series honestly? I am pretty sure it'd be so fun and will trend in a lot of countries. I know they're singers and not actors but damn, I have not even gotten over from the district 9 teasers and stories

    11. J. W109

      Their mv teasers are always so unique, starting from their thunderous mv teaser their really take it to another level.

    12. kimi

      wow estoy realmente emocionada por esta canción, hace poco empecé a seguir este grupo y al encuentro tan feliz de haberlos encontrado y haber conocido una nueva potencia de la música porque eso es lo que son. seguiré esperando con ansias 💗💗💗

    13. Dandy boy is a Luvity

      When Chan said, "Let's get ready." He was actually talking to Stays. He wants us to be ready because Stray Kings will once again serve us a great masterpiece in the name of Christmas EveL.

    14. Mrabidos 21

      I'm so excited for my very first comeback from them!!. Sure, this is christmas edition but still, can't wait! :D

    15. Margot Equite

      Estos niños callejeros son realmente ruidosos y estupendos. Muy geniales y originales. Viene algo grande como lo suelen hacer. Lo esperamos con ansias. 👍

    16. Bibi Mussati

      STAYS hoje foi lançado a UNVEIL: TRACK de "24 to 25" e está simplesmente perfeito!!!!!!

    17. Bibi Mussati

      A musica ainda não foi lançada mas eu tenho certeza que será incrivel!!!!!!!!!

    18. Hwang Maggie

      Stray Kids siempre mostrándonos un lado distinto en cada comeback. No se quedan en un solo género, experimentan con todos los géneros posibles, hasta Bachata LABDLSJ


      "This sound like it's not a Christmas Song"

    20. zuza z

      I'm in love with the characters they made for this intire Sound Monster universe. They are just so funny and real!