Stray Kids "Winter Falls" M/V

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    Stray Kids(스트레이 키즈) "Winter Falls" M/V

    Stray Kids Holiday Special Single "Christmas EveL"
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    1. The Queer Kiwi

      another absolutely breathtaking song and video. endlessly proud and in awe.

    2. hottie bob

      Lee knows singing is so good! He should definitely sing more. Stray kids killed as always.

    3. Go to the top

      Adicta a las músicas de SKZ, son increíbles chicos, los admiro mucho...

    4. hannieokka

      can we show some love to song writer HAN JISUNG for giving us this melancholic masterpiece????

    5. OCEAN EYES 🌊

      Jisung's lyricism is absolutely insane. Thank you so much for this beautiful song!!!

    6. - # Olivia.

      Ilove you Stray kids 😩✨

    7. ASMR BlueKatie

      WOW the cinematography is incredible! Skz has been pomping out MVs after MVs, I'm proud of them for getting more exposure!! They deserve it :)

    8. dhny _

      I'm not a stay. but this is my favorite song recently for no reason, just changbin's part. He's one of my favorite rapper. today, I just realized how much I can relate with the lyrics. I'm crying after almost a year feeling empty and can't even cry.

    9. minnie

      esta es una de sus mejores canciones

    10. DANIE

      Considero esta una de mis canciones favoritas



    12. yaree


    13. Jisoo's Bottles Official🍿🥞

      I'm always 2 hours late but whatever, this is a masterpiece 🤧

    14. 💙 Alonso

      Las canciones de Stray Kids nunca me dejaran de sorprender, son increíbles!!

    15. June Moon

      It is criminal that this hasn't been performed anywhere yet. I AM READY TO CRY IN LIVE ;-;

    16. paolaqueso_8🧀🍗

      Basta, la voz de Seungmin es lo más hermoso que hay

    17. serry ciok

      みんなの歌声が心に沁みる歌だね ずっと応援したくなるよぉ

    18. Ale♡

      esta canción es tan linda, los amo Stray Kids.

    19. ASMR Sharm

      Lee Know vocals. 😢

    20. AnnaGu007

      It"s one of your best songs for me. Like really each and every word of every lyric has so much meaning and emotion. God knows why such a great song is being underappreciated. Every time I listen to this song, I feel so relaxed and good. Love the song and you guys did wonderfully.