Stray Kids “Winter Falls” MV Teaser 2

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    Stray Kids(스트레이 키즈) “Winter Falls” M/V Teaser 2

    Stray Kids Holiday Special Single "Christmas EveL"
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    1. Jasmine Fernandez

      Finally Lee Know and Jeongin's vocals and Hyunjin's acting duality is so insane!! Stray kids never failed to amaze us with their all around talents!!!

    2. Necroherz

      Hyunjin crying was the most memorable part haha. Our babies showing us their acting skills ❤

    3. Jinniret

      Hyunjin deserved an oscar. he is so good on acting.

    4. iram

      oh my goodness. han jisung did not come to play with us, he’s gonna make us all cry 😟 his songs just keep getting better, the talent this lil quokka possesses IS insane. i honestly cant even begin to explain how this snippet of the song made me feel, its like 19 all over again & 19 is definitely top 3 😭

    5. Jenny

      I appreciate Han making a sad holiday love song instead of typical lovey dovey songs. Not everyone has a happy holiday and has a significant other to relate when listening to those songs. I’m glad this is different.

    6. starlixie

      Han Jisung is really a genius, he used the metaphor of raindrops/rain to a falling worries in secret secret and now he's using the metaphor of winter as falling out of love here in winter falls. A little smile is not that bad Han, who hurt you :')

    7. MorePara8

      Minho's and Jeongin's vocals? Beautiful. The melody? Beautiful. Hyunjin's acting? heartbreaking. Han Jisung? Music genius.

    8. robin!

      the emotion in jeongin’s voice at the “i loved you loved you loved you” is making me tear up omfg his voice is so pretty and unique also HAN JISUNG WHO TF MADE YOU CRY

    9. Lal Gencturk

      I can’t get over Han’s beauty… he is the most handsome person I’ve seen in my entire life and he keeps getting more captivating as time passes. I’m not even gonna talk about his talent.. all the members. I love them so so much, but Han will always have a special place in my heart since he makes it skip a beat every single time that I see him. I can not even imagine seing him in person, I would probably faint. 😂😂 also sooo excited about the cb 🎉 I’m sure it’ll be fire 💯

    10. Jisoo's Bottles Official🍿🥞

      This is crazy, really! I love this

    11. Alicia Tapia

      Stray Kids se escucha muy bien, me va a gustar el ritmo , enrealidad todo lo que sea de Stray Kids es bueno y me gusta porque son geniales ❤️

    12. Юлия Черепанова

      Я поражаюсь тому, какой красивый голос у Лино.......

    13. pimwa

      It's so addictive! The part where the music drop with the word "falls" is so cool!

    14. Blaire Reyes

      the way Han writes and creates a song it just carves through the soul </3 it’s a beautiful kind of melancholy

    15. ♡JongTaeLix♡

      I can't wait to see this masterpiece

    16. Lulu _ sungies

      This. Everytime i think that Han's songs cant get any better he walks nonchalantly in front of us and drops this as if it's nothing, (when in reality he just gives us one heartbreak after another...) like what i love this already, i am sososososos damn excited about the whole song and the lyrics, it sounds like a break-up song -srsly, Han what are you really going through? ya cant tell me this is just your pure imagination, i mean his lyrics always hit the core of the topic described in his songs with such honest brutality yet with such a bittersweet fascinates me so much anew as if it is the first time. Or he was just really offended that one time when a fan "accused" him of not being able to write love songs that he thought he has to write one love song after another to prove them wrong XD.

    17. nana

      스키즈 덕분에 너무 따숩고 몽글몽글한 연말이야❣️

    18. S.D.

      Why is no one talking about Lee know and Innie’s vocals

    19. Kat B

      Han is my ult and every time I see he is the writer of an upcoming new song, I know it’s going to be amazing. I just don’t even have the right words to describe him.