Xdinary Heroes Performance Video : Jooyeon

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    Xdinary Heroes Performance Video : Jooyeon

    Listen to Xdinary Heroes "Happy Death Day"
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    1. ma05

      I just know this group is going to be outstanding

    2. shizuko

      JYPe is literally giving us everyday an update about their upcoming debut, videos that can be seen how good they are and also such a visual. Can't wait for their debut! Hoping that people will gonna support them not only because of their looks but also because of the talent and concept that this band has! Fighting!

    3. Yudhistira Mahasena

      K-rock needs more recognition and appreciation in the Korean music industry. All we can say for that... thank you, JYP Entertainment and Studio J for giving birth to Xdinary Heroes - the future of K-rock.

    4. Ruba Rihi Huki

      Use headphone to fully understand what this young man did.. amazing technique.. amazing tone.. i guess maybe next time if they want to introduce bass player, just use drum and bass to fully maximize what bass capable to do. Because if you put guitar in there, the low frequencies of bass will be unnotice when we hear without headphone. Or the guitar can just play a simple riff and let the bass lead. Overall, love this tone.. i hope they will do some rock song like Rescue Me from DAY6..

    5. bread


    6. Bae

      Literally wtf this is exactly my type of music I'm HYPED

    7. Louise M

      as always jyp never fails

    8. aisha 1.2.

      The band will succeed and achieve many goals, they are strong

    9. Kuku Kakakakak

      Apart from his charming visuals, he's also really talented

    10. YOCHI

      after i watch their mv, live performance and knowing their names. This boy really caught my attention. I like his styles and Aura.

    11. chill sea


    12. Joanne Bernadine Garde

      Not only that he is talented but I really noticed his visuals, he is so beautiful! Damn, JYPE and Studio J collecting these talented future great artists. I hope they get really big someday.

    13. Fab ☏

      now we not only see the visual of jooyeon, now we appreciate the best bassist of the 4th Gen

    14. shizuko

      I literally admire people who is really good in playing instruments!! I know that it is hard but they managed to be good at it!! Can't wait for the band's debut!!

    15. Luber Hallan

      I'm happy because JYPNation has a lot of new families 😍

    16. la sonrisa de jeongin

      Que talentoso que es dios, me encanta, es la primera vez que voy a stanear a una banda AAAAAAAAAAAA

    17. Jiminence

      jooyeon's skills are out of this world! gosh can't wait for these talented boys to debut

    18. Марина Матвеева

      Как я понимаю, с инструменталом у них всё в порядке, не терпится заценить голоса. Надеюсь петь будут все, ну кроме барабаньщика.

    19. whtsxz

      Jooyeon is hella talented not to mention a visual too


      This is the 1st group I'm ever gonna stan from their debut