Xdinary Heroes Performance Video : Jungsu

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    Xdinary Heroes Performance Video : Jungsu

    Listen to Xdinary Heroes "Happy Death Day"
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    1. ppramoxx

      I love how JYPE introduced them by showing their individual talents.

    2. staaaaaaaaa

      I’m not a kpop fan, Stray Kids is the only group I stan but I am definitely planning to stan them. I’m so excited, especially for Jungsu !!

    3. Prismen

      this group is going to have the most incredible concerts-

    4. Jiminence

      you guyss when they will open their mouth and sing i bet you their vocals are going to make us speechless

    5. River by MNL48 is a bop.

      After JYPn's vocals, I get to hear these instrumentals? Oooooh, I love being a JYP Nation stan.

    6. Stay 🔬OnceMidzy🧪

      funfact : jungsu and lily trained together and their teasers drop at same day too

    7. Luber Hallan

      He is not only handsome, but he is also very talented!

    8. Ray Mak

      Jungsu is such an amazingly talented artist!

    9. Fla

      This group is so talented, i can't wait for their debut <\3

    10. ℕ𝑎𝑘𝑎𝑚𝑖 ☃︎

      No puedo creer lo bien que suena esto , se me hizo muy corto 😭✋🏻

    11. Grabiel Chiroque

      Todo me recuerda a Day6 😭

    12. k

      Then again, another member just slayed, and left no crumbs. Their debut is very much awaited.

    13. Wendel Allid

      It's a masterpiece. It sounds good to my ears and Jungsu's visual is breathtaking. I'm going to stan Xdinary Heroes.

    14. Ä RAñDøM DūdĒ

      This group is filled with visuals and talents ..... can't wait debut

    15. Bang Chan

      Это будет что-то шикарное и невероятное , талантливые ребята 🥺🙌

    16. ss hh

      He so talented and his organ playing is in another level.

    17. Alvin Buana

      Based on the music from the "Origins of Xdinary Heroes" & "Performance Video", I hope that the music stays like that. I want them to bring something different and not just soft rock music like many bands are doing, probably like rap rock or punk rock

    18. Bahia


    19. Three Five Four

      Can you just imagine their solo performances in a live concert? Just the power in that...